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Groupe Berlys Inc.

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Who we are!

Our recruitment services are specialized and focused on professional
trades, mainly related to the mechanical and manufacturing industries.


Why Us ?

The advantage of doing business with Le Groupe Berlys is that you work with specialists who understand your needs, your expectations and who understand what you are talking about!


Our Values

At Groupe Berlys, integrity is a priority. We are looking to create a lasting bond with and between our clients and job seekers!Respect for each other's needs will always be the basis of our relationships. We deal with human beings therefore, we must respect their diversities and their cultures. We are here to help you make the best decision!

Professional Recruitment



We are specialized in all trades related to
mechanical field for the truck, heavy machinery and equipment, mining, marine, etc. industries In the workshop or for road service!



We specialize in professional manual trades such as: Welders, assemblers, machinists, various operators, industrial mechanics, electromechanics, various technicians, etc.


Your career, our offers!

Interested in the possibility of improving your working conditions? A career change? Need new challenges?
Send us your resume, we never know what the future holds for you!

Contact Us

Laval Office, Québec
Yvon Audet
Telephone: 1 (866) 518-8096
Telephone: (514) 748-9267
Cell.: (514) 296-9336
FAX: (514) 748-9803


Stoney Creek, Ontario
Vanessa Allard
Telephone: 1 (866) 794-8908


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