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Which jobs offer the best career opportunities in the long run?

Now more than ever, you can have the life-work reality you desire!

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That is a question you need to answer as soon as, or before, you are ready to jump into the work-life!

Blue or white collar? Which one is paying the most? Which one is the most interesting for you?

In today’s work market, blue-collar workers are becoming so hard to find and recruit that their wages skyrocketed.

In some industries, for example, trucks or heavy equipment mechanics, salaries have jumped from an average of $25.00–$30.00 per hour to over $40.00 per hour since the pandemic.

White-collar workers still have better pay, but mainly in managerial positions.

In today’s market, if you are in a white-collar entry-level position, your salary is probably lower than a blue-collar one in the same situation.

Knowledge and skills always pay off

The most important thing is to define your skills and your abilities first.

Not everyone is handy. Some are more cerebral than others. That is why there are no good or bad jobs; it's just the wrong person in the wrong job.

So, find what you are good at and look for a career which can help you develop those skills at their maximum. Learn everything you can about your work to get the knowledge to become a master in your field.

It could be blue or white-collar jobs; it doesn’t matter if you are in the right place.

The worst thing you can do is to accept not to develop your skills and end up stuck all your working life in entry-level jobs.

It could take a few years to find the right one for you. You must never stop searching for it. You may have to try several jobs to find the right one finally.

By experience, people who are in the right careers are found by their jobs, not the other way around.

As for myself, I never thought I would be a recruiter one day. Life opportunities push me on that path.

How many people do you know who do exactly today what they wanted to do when they were eighteen? Not so many.

One of the worst advice people can follow is to create their career from their hobbies.

Hobbies are, in fact, some things to do to change from the day-to-day work. Rarely will you find someone who has become wealthy from his hobbies. So, take care of what you want to do with your work life.

Take all the greatest, well-known artists from the past; most become wealthy and renowned only after their deaths. They struggled all their lives. Is that what you want?

Hobbies are, in another way, excellent opportunities for side hustles. As part-time work, it could become a great source of revenue when you retire from your day-to-day job.

Successful technologies often begin as hobbies. Jacques Cousteau invented scuba diving because he enjoyed exploring caves. The Wright brothers invented flying as a relief from the monotony of their normal business of selling and repairing bicycles. — Freeman Dyson

That is the next level of the working class. It was created almost with the advent of the internet.

I am not sold on it, but if you can create your own business, do it without hesitation.

If you have something to offer, a cashable skill, go for it.

The beauty of a solopreneur business is that you can start it as a side hustle or a part-time job, and when it gets bigger, you will find yourself doing what you always wanted to do with all the flexibility you want.

It is the next generation's way of working.

A study by MBO Partners in 2020 found that there are an estimated 38.2 million independent workers in America.

This number is expected to rise to 45.6 million within five years and go up to 85+ million after the next ten years.

-Regarding gender breakdown, 54.40% of solopreneurs are female, and 45.6% are male.

-20% of solopreneurs earn $100k to $300k without needing to hire staff.

In terms of education level, 53.2% of solopreneurs have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

-54% of solopreneurs are above the age of 35.

-51.6% of solopreneurs operate from home, while 21.6% run their businesses in an office.

-Of all the solopreneurs surveyed in 2023, 41.6% have been running their business for less than one year.

-Only 10% of solopreneurs come from technology related industries.

-13.13% of solopreneurs reported feeling lonely and isolated in their work.

-14.8% of solopreneurs are between the ages of 18 and 24.

-The primary motivators for solopreneurs include the desire to have more control over their lives (34.35%), to have a greater financial reward (22.58%) and to do something they are passionate about (22.01%).

-29.54% of solopreneurs rely on selling products for a steady stream of income.

-Only 3.6% of solopreneurs have an average revenue of more than $83,000 per month.


In the end, to find the right job or career, you must take the time to survey more about what exactly you want as a life;


-Life-work balance

-Security (Insurances and benefits)

These are, in my opinion, the three most important things to make a correlation between.

If you do not find any good opportunities offering the balance needed, then

it might be the sign you needed to create your own business!

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