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Why changing our relationship along the journey is crucial for a successful life

Only one person deserves to stay with you all your life: yourself!

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

How many of us will say that we have had friends since we were at school when we will be 80 years old?

Not so many, I think!

Unfortunately or fortunately, it is part of our life journey and is for the best in many cases.

We meet people all our life from different cultures, countries, beliefs, etc. We walk with them for some time until they do, or we take another path and find new connections that will bring us to another level.

I do not believe in perfect lifelong friendships. One day or another, jealousy and envy come knocking at the door and then the sh*t starts.

It is inevitable.

When we are single, our friend's circle is never the same as soon after getting into a genuine relationship or getting married.

The same thing happens when a couple has their first baby. As they become more focused on their child, their relationships change from single to parent couples.

It is natural. There is nothing wrong with it. It is part of our evolution. It is inevitable.

The same thing happens in every aspect of our life.

That is why we must be careful about whom we choose to let come into our lives.

Friends are like tenants that occupy space in your mental building.
If one isn’t paying rent, give them a notice period, then you gotta evict them to make room for a better one that will. — Alex Hormozi

So that’s it for the natural route of friendship.

Reaching the successful life we dream of is a no-brainer.


Having the same circle of friends is almost impossible when you get wealthier than the rest of the group.

The same thing happened with co-workers or employees.

We are meant to meet people for some purpose at the right time along our life path.

Sometimes, we don’t see them because of the noise around us. When we meet, something always results from that new relationship.

Our lives are not linear. We know that we start from point A and we will end at point B. But how we will get there, nobody knows how.

That is why we have to keep an open mind, focussed on our life goals, to end up with people who can help us reach point B through our goals.

Do not get too attached to people. As I experienced, it tends to be really disappointing!

We all change and evolve. Some faster than others. That is why long-term relationships are a myth — most of the time.

Take marriage, for example; every one of us struggles in a long-term relationship. It is inevitable as both partners evolve as individuals along the way. We have to adapt. It is a choice we are willing to make for the love of our other half.

On the other hand, with friends, co-workers, employees, or business partners, the choice is relatively easy to make as we are focused on our goals.

Why should I waste my time and energy on a relationship that is not helping me to grow anymore?

Thanks a lot for our time together, but now it is time to move forward in different directions.

I know it is more challenging this. Cutting bridges is always hard to do because we involve our hearts. That is why less is best in matters of relationship.

The less the heart is involved, the easier your life will always be!

“Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of your story. That’s the end of their part in your story.”
― Faraaz Kazi

Here is my favourite quote:

“He who builds on the people, builds on the mud.” — Niccolo Machiavelli, book The Prince

You should see that quote as favourable. You see, the proper sense is that people are constantly changing their minds, so you cannot build or neider trust them in the long term.

It was written some hundred years ago and is still glued to today’s way of living.

I discovered that when you age, you need fewer relationships. Your mind in life is different at 50 than in your twenties.

The sooner you accept that too many relationships aren’t good, the better you will be at building your successful life!

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