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A handyman will never be out of resources!

A handyman will never be out of resources!

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

We made a big move last March; we bought our first boat.

An old Sea Ray 410 Aft cabin 1986. It is in great shape and good condition except for some electrical and basic mechanical stuff.

Would we have bought it anyway? Without a doubt, but at a maybe lower price and indeed without the feeling, «Have we made the right choice?»

We love that boat. It has great potential for us, making us live out of our comfort zone in many ways.

It was love at first sight, but, like when falling in love with someone, you never know about all the packages you end up with until you start living together, right?

And that was precisely what happened to us this year.

Now, at the recap time of our first season, we ended it up well.

There were some minor repairs to do along the way, but nothing significant occurred.

The biggest job was to find and stop the water leaks. We found that several spots needed to be waterproofed, neglected by the last owner.

We also did some mechanical and electrical repairs.

Changed one alternator, the VHF radio, and a new antenna, fixed an electrical issue with some outlets, and that’s about it.

One of our most significant learning curves was sleeping in the boat.

There were various noises we did not know about.

First, from our vessel, the different pumps inside, the finders and the lines outside made noise when it was windy or wavy. Also, from outside with the other sailboat masts when it was windy.

Secondly, we had to learn how to cope and deal with the smells — engines, the moisture, the waste tank, etc.

When you see it like that, it is not really tempting, but it is one of the best things I ever learned to deal with.

I drove some smaller boats in the past. Primarily for fishing, but that size is something else. It is much bigger and more challenging to maneuver.

In fact, it is a small cottage on the water.

That’s where DIY comes in!

For those who ever had or still have a boat, you know how costly repairs and maintenance could be.

So, here we are at the end of the season, preparing the boat for winterizing, and it is a lot to think about. That’s why I asked an experienced mechanic to do it with me this year to ensure everything will be well done.

It’s a sad feeling, but boating when it is cold isn’t great at all.

I am still stuck with the same minding today about it.

Train yourself to do, by yourself, as much as you can in every circumstance. You will be surprised how much it elevates your self-esteem and confidence.

Also, as every penny counts in these challenging times, you will save a lot of money to put something more effective elsewhere.

When the most challenging times come, the most resourceful people always pass through with fewer scars!

So, never stop learning and improving yourself!

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