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Already 20 Years And the Madness Still Goes On

An open letter about 9–11. A call to think!

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

Everyone remembers where they were that day. That was a day which I felt the time stopped. That was a surrealistic day. Like if I was in a movie.

That day I was in a restaurant, and I heard the fact on the radio, just before I arrived there. The first plane had just crashed into the first tower. The guy called the Montreal radio station I was listening to seconds after it has happened because he was in the Big Apple that morning.

I was 30 at the time, and undoubtedly like many people of my generation, I will never forget that specific month of September.

For the first time in modern times, the USA was hit as hard as it did and still does in many countries.

For sure, it was a sad day for many human beings. It was the greatest tragedy on this side of the world. We tasted a bit of what happened in many middle east countries, and other poorer countries lead by dictators and dirty money.

Human tragedies are day-to-day normality for the inhabitant of those countries. We just tasted it for a few hours.

How can we endure and tolerate such madness?

We, human beings, are capable of miracles, beautiful but also cruel. For what purpose? Money and power!

We are genuinely the worst species on the planet. Too greedy to enjoy the beauty of life. We have to destroy it no matter what will be the cost.

There are so many conspiracies about that day. But even if they are authentic, what can you and I can do against that? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Those kinds of events press me to enjoy and salute the life I have — the chance I have to live in a country such as Canada.

Our life is not perfect, and it will never be if your definition of perfection is based upon someone else’s definition. But that is another matter.

I only want to say that our life is more than perfect for many people around the globe. We take our way of living for granted.

Just look back at how people reacted when the pandemic struck last year. For many, it was like the end of their world.

I do not want to diminish the gravity of that pandemic, but we are indeed much more privileged to be on this side of the hemisphere. Don’t you agree? Why don’t human beings cannot be and stay happy all the time. We have an absolute pleasure to hurt ourselves in any way we can.

For many of us, 9–11 has become another armistice — a remembering time.

So for once this weekend, I invite you to think and remember. Not only those who fall in New York that day but all the others who are still falling, day after day, everywhere across the world because of our human stupidity and avidity!

Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

I hope that one day we will understand!

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