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Are You Ready To Go “all in” To Reach The Life You Want?

There is no way you can achieve anything significant by doing little self-improvement. Simple: All in, or you’re out!

Anytime you want to do something or achieve something important for you, for your future, you must go all in. There is no place and time for hesitations.

So, are you willing to do so?

It could be a tough choice and, most of the time, it is hard to take the step because of our anchors, our security feelings. Also, sadly, because human, by nature, tends towards being lazy.

-It is not so easy to get out of our cozy and warm bed in the morning.

-It is not easy to start a routine like “The Miracle Mornings” — Hal Elrod.

-It is not easy to stop watching television and read or learn something new instead.

-It is not easy to quit any bad habit we have for a more healthy one.

-It is not easy to do the extra mile day after day to reach our goals.

Who never have doubts about their plans, their work, their lives? Mostly when it doesn’t move as it is supposed to or as it was?

That is one thing I have to deal with since the last year. The pandemic has forced me to think about what I took for granted. In my personal life as in my businesses too!

The way I worked for the last few years doesn’t get to the same results and figures this year, which forced me to adapt my strategies.

It is not the first time I have to do this. When I think about it, I had to rethink some of my business plans almost every ten years.

Soon as the necessary adjustments have been made, I had to go all-in again. Jump in the pool and most of the time without any floaters.

Simple: Get out of your comfort zone!

There is no way you can go anywhere with a foot on each side of the line. You must cross one side or another to move on, to reach your destination.

Every week, mostly on Sundays, I figure out what I have to improve within the week ahead to get a little closer to my goals.

What doesn’t satisfy me in the last week? And why?

So, I have to adjust, refocus and improve my procedures.

One good thing to always have in mind is the 80%-20% law. Always be aware of the 20% of your activities, which brings you 80% of your desired results.

You must be all-In your 20%.

I am not just talking about money here but all aspects of your life.

I use that one “modus operandi” all the time: If you must do something, do it properly or don’t do it! There is no “just about.”

Even if it is to do your house chores, do them properly or don’t do them at all.

One good way to achieve this mindset is to split what you have to do into many parts, spread them into smaller tasks.

For example, most people wait to do the cleaning during their weekends and then, something happens, and they postpone their tasks. So why not spread them over the week? One part per day, and everything will be done by the end of the week. You will also probably save your weekend for something better to do!

There is always a better way to do things to go all-in and achieve significant improvements in your life. You have to find it to thrive!

What can you improve today to be able to go all-in tomorrow and build the life you deserve?

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