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Everyone has the power to choose the life they want, why do so few do it?

At the base of our life, these are our choices!

What are your expectations for your life? Are you living the life you hoped for?

Never forget that life always gives us the success we deserve. Nothing more, nothing less.

All this to say that we are our choices. We are only the result of our choices.

So why, for some, is it so difficult to make the right choices? Why is it difficult to make a choice, period?

Choosing implies that we must invest ourselves. We have to move and get into action mode and out of reaction mode, which is often tricky because it means certain insecurity.

Most people don’t choose. They accept to be subjected to the choices of others, precisely like a flock of sheep.

This pandemic time has clearly demonstrated this to us. We have had and still have, because still not finished, the chance to choose to change our lives, to improve what no longer suits us and yet, how many have made or will take the leap?

All the reasons are good; any apology is good. It’s a choice! Too late, too old or too young, not enough experience or knowledge, families, children, spouses, etc. The list is endless.

Choosing to live your life according to your talents, living up to your expectations is the best way to be happy. To be fulfilled.

It’s hard for me to understand why some people are so stagnant. Stop complaining about everything and nothing. To complain about things over which you have no control and choose yourself.

How many will choose to complain about themselves? The one thing we have some control over! Phew, that requests to make a real choice. Come out of his closet.

Everything is possible. It’s all about choice.

So I wish you all the success you deserve!

In the morning, we have two choices, either we go back to sleep to continue our dreams, or we get up to make them come true — Axel Albanel, dream life

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