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How The Psychology Behind Your Dentist Appointments Could Help You Reach Your Goals

When a visit to the dentist, no matter how mundane, becomes a matter of responsibility!

Photo by Quang Tri NGUYEN on Unsplash

Have you ever noticed how we are aware, for those who take care of their teeth, not to displease our dentist when we have our appointments regularly?

Personally, I don't particularly appreciate being told that my teeth are poorly cared for and maintained--That I have been negligent. So, I am making the necessary efforts to avoid this humiliation.

Everything is psychological. So when we commit ourselves to a cause, task, or individual, we hold to account then, our motivation changes.

The way we act, depending on what needs to be done, is different. We are more attentive to it. We do what is necessary to accomplish the task and not to disappoint.

This reaction will also be the same regardless of the project. We have to compromise ourselves and take responsibility.

There has to be a consequence for reaching that point, or we tend to procrastinate and ultimately give up.

Individuals who are ultra-productive in their lives always organize themselves to have accountability for a given goal.

It doesn't necessarily have to be negative, but it has to be motivating.

For example, when I was longing for a Range Rover a few years ago, I had to put in the effort to secure the funds I needed for that purchase.

I had to modify and adjust my work to become more productive and thus make more income.

The advantage after that was that this practice remained for the long term. Long after my acquisition. Which also allowed me to focus on other much bigger goals this time around.

If I hadn't made the efforts and, I must tell you as well, hadn't accountable to my wife, I might not always have had the energy and motivation to make it happen.

You will understand that the very act of committing yourself with someone who believes in us and who can scold us, push us when necessary is the basis of virtually all remarkable successes.

After some time, having had some successes, I can tell you that this is one, if not THE only way to ensure reaching our goals.

The principle is the same for various business projects. Your boss calls you to account, and you have two choices: you get in or humiliate yourself!

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Basically, it's all up to us. It is our choice of whether to embark or not. Those who are successful do not take half measures. It's all or nothing.

In both personal and professional life, it all comes down to our decision to commit ourselves, to empower ourselves.

So if you want to be successful and achieve your goals and objectives, you owe it to yourself to never accept being humiliated by your dentist!

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