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How to be a quality employee that every employer will not want to lose?

Being a good employee starts by being a good human being!

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There are many things to consider from both sides, as employee or employer.

For the purpose of this article, let’s think that the position you already have or the new one offered by the employer is quite perfect.

Let’s take the employee perspective because it is the one we have control over.


Respect the employers, the agents who are working to help you find a new position. Be there when you agreed to be. Be on time, and if it doesn’t work, for any reason, please call for advice.

It is pretty annoying how much time we waste because of a lack of communication.

Respect yourself. Take the time to make a proper and updated resume. It is your business card, your signature. It is the thing that would make a good, bad or a great first impression.

Would you like to receive your paycheck unreadable or with a lack of well-written numbers on it? Why is it the case with your resume?

These days, many people just use a platform like to send their resumes and do not care about how it shows online. They just don’t care enough about the quality of their presentation. Sadly!

Second, be yourself and be a good team player.

It is so easy to envy others. We all did it at one point or another along the road. Everybody seems to have more success than us, mainly if you look on social media platforms. But, how many are real?

During my earlier career years, I worked in many female environments at different times. What I realized is there were no more toxic work environments than among a group of females.

Please note that I am not attacking women here. It is what I experience.

Sadly, I never get why they are always bitching and gossiping against each other like that. Even some of my female colleagues told me that they prefer working in a mens’ work environment from far.

Why some people just can’t stop backstabbing others all the time to promote themselves? Did you see that most of them did not go that far in the company hierarchy in time? And, if they did, they finally perish by the same blade they used against others.

So, please try not to reach the title of “the Bitch” of the office. You can be better than that.

Be kind to others. Supportive and helpful. Try to be who you truly are and shine among your colleagues.

Third, work as if you own the company.

Any employer is looking for the next shining star in the rise for their company. To reach that status, at any job level, you have to treat your job as if the company’s success depends on you.

To reach that status, you need to have and use these specific qualities:


Always be honest about what you can and can’t do — your forces and weaknesses.


Being loyal is one of the rarest qualities these days. Take your ego out of the equation when it is about your employer.


Be there when it is needed. Show that your job is more than just a paycheck.

In conclusion

Photo by on Unsplash
A “just a job” employee does just enough to keep their job while complaining about what’s not fair or right at work.
A “team player” works positively together with everyone to get the job done the best way possible.
See the difference? — Ty Howard

Now ask yourself what kind of employee you are? What can you improve to be a better one and become irreplaceable?

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