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Innovate Yourself!

How to do that, and what does it means exactly?

I was pleased to contribute to The Innovation on Medium, and that has pushed me to think about the word itself; INNOVATION.

By definition for corporations, Innovation refers to introducing a new or significantly improved product or process compared to those previously developed.

What is Innovation? … Innovation is a concrete process that can be planned, which is achievable and must adapt to the company’s needs. Innovation is a means of achieving its strategic objectives, improving its competitiveness, differentiating itself and creating value.

What is Innovation for? Innovation can allow a company to stand out in its market. It can also help you improve productivity, reduce your costs or even establish new partnerships. … What must be remembered is that Innovation must increase the value of the company.

OK, I think that you get the point now. As I read these explanations, it hits me how familiar it sounds. We can easily make a connection with all we know about personal development? It is quite the same thing, no?

So, how can we innovate ourselves?

If we take the first part, “By definition…” What could be the market for us in comparison to a company? These days we hear a lot about “Personal Branding” to perform on social media platforms. So you see, it is quite the same kind of improvement you have to do except that the product is you!

Even if it is for social media or for your work life, it is the same process. You have to improve yourself. To innovate in your development to be better at what you do and become the person you want to be.

As for a company, you also have to implant strategies to become more competitive or different from the mass. To become one of a kind.

To innovate yourself, you have to study, read, learn and practice — the same as for a corporation.

Now, what do you have to innovate for yourself? What can you do better for yourself? Becoming a better self will change your entire world around you. Just need to do it.

What must be remembered is that innovation must increase YOUR value!

This is true and not just your value on the work market but, more importantly, in your own eyes!

Most of the most remarkable people who achieved a lot in their lives were always in an “innovation mode.”

3 of my own regular thinkings

  • Where am I at the moment? Personal & work?

Are you where you want to be in your life? Do you have the family you wanted, the career you studied for? The wife you were expecting to have? So what is holding you so far? What can you innovate in your life to be happier?

  • Have I achieved some of my goals lately, or am I stuck?

With your day-to-day life, you are very likely not exactly where you expected to be when you were at the beginning of your active life. Normal. Most of us do not do the job we wanted to do at the age of 18. Life is so unpredictable. We cope and adjust to it. That is why you have to review and update your goals as often as your needs change.

  • Do I like what I see in the mirror?

Do you like yourself? Me yes. I am happy with the man I have become with time. Of course, it is still a work on progress. It is not just about your physical appearance but, more important is what is in your head and heart. Taking care of your physique is excellent and good for your ego and confidence but never neglects how you think and how you drive your emotional intelligence.

For me, this is the most critical and challenging part of all. Innovate on how you deal with different emotions. You must be on control. Do not let them control you.

In conclusion, you just have to keep your innovation mode in action. Improve what to be and polish what is good enough for you. That’s all!

Now back to work.

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