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Is it not the right time for a career change?

I heard and often read about the fact that more than 70% of the active peoples are not satisfied with their jobs & careers. How is it possible to endure it? How can these people stick in a place where they are not happy?

There is no “one fit-all” answer to this fact, but most of it is about money.

We live in a “suspended” time for a few weeks because of the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of people are at home without knowing when they will be back at work. So, is it not a great time to question ourselves about our careers?

We all need money to have a kind of a decent life, mostly if we lived in big cities. Our way of living is expensive. We created it that way. We accepted it that way, and we are stuck with it now. True or not? It all depends on what you are willing to do to change it.

We accepted social pressure more than ever since the advent of the internet. We have to follow; otherwise, we feel that we will be a loser or a “no ambition” person and, nothing good can come to us if… What are they going to say about me?

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What is in the fact of acting like a sheep?

Our professional and personal lives are entirely linked. If one goes wrong, it affects the other systematically. Just take a moment and think about a day when you had it hard at the job, how you were when you came home that night. It undoubtedly had affected all the others in the house. The same happened from the opposite too. You have a complicated situation at home, for sure your job will be affected.

Sadly, it seems that a lot of us accepted this situation as a day to day life. It will just pass.

Why do we accept this life? This situation? This shit?

Human beings love shit so much that they got used to the smell!

It is a sad truth for a lot of us. It is impossible to understand nor accept the reasons why some human beings stuck in their life when we have all the possibilities in our rich countries to change things for better.

Our insecurity is so powerful that it freezes us. We always have good reasons for not moving forward. Our relatives, our obligations, etc., all the justifications are good enough to do nothing.

Now that we have the time to think about it. Yes, take the time to think about it! The future of your professional career.

These days we, most of us, do not have the same money entries as usual so, is it that hard? Is it that bad as you will be jailed if you cannot pay your debts as it was in medieval times? No. Of course, no. The system is helping us to survive and stive. Banks are postponing the loan payments; Governments give us money to ensure that we can eat and have a roof over our heads.

Just decide to do something about the job you do not like. You have the best opportunity NOW. Stop watching television all the time or play video games all night and do something. Stop wasting your time.

You know there is one good lesson I learned from an older man. He taught me once about politics:

If you haven’t voted, shut up! You have nothing to complain about government decisions!

The same lesson applies to your career and your life in general.

If you do not do what has to be done, even knowing what you have to do so, STOP COMPLAINING about your situation. It is annoying, and it is an insult to all other’s people intelligence.

Do something, ask questions, go on the web and learn about what you will have to do to improve your career. No one will ever judge you trying to change your life. If they do, it will only be because they will seek to hold you back. Let them try.

Do you want a better life? It starts with your happiness at work. Why? Because you spend most of your time there. After the rest fixes itself, when we are satisfied with our career, our life, in general, is too.

I invite you to follow JT O’Donnel Newsletter and her Masterclass if you need to start somehow your career update. She is really up to date!

In the end, I am sure you can have a successful career you deserved if only you choose to!

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