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Philosophy 101. The importance of questioning yourself. The art of growing up!

When was the last time you stopped to reflect on your current life?

Photo by mohammed OUZZAOUI on Unsplash

This morning for the first time, I am sitting in our brand new garden in my backyard. It’s really peaceful.

We have a panoply of birds that come and go and seem to enjoy the work we have done.

It is peace while nature slowly awakens. Just sit there in silence and listen. At least until a squirrel comes by and my dog ​​sees it.

I find myself dreaming of the day when I will have land and go for a walk with my dog, my Beretta in hand, in the morning at dawn. It’s a most pleasant picture. English hunting -- A dream that will come true soon!


Life is incredible, don’t you think? Most people spend theirs looking for meanings. Mainly because everything is based on the material and not the spiritual. In my humble opinion.

We are not trying to elevate ourselves as humans but to elevate our assets — sad reality.

How long have you taken this week to reflect on where you are as an individual, as a human?

Are you a better person than you were last year? Yesterday?

It is essential to stop, stop time, for a few minutes, hours, to question yourself from time to time.

The most peaceful people are those who know how to stop. They constantly question themselves. It’s one way to challenge ourselves with personal challenges that we can achieve.

It is up to us to evolve and move forward in our life. If we wait for someone to do it for us, we will wait a long time.

The door to change can only be opened from within; everyone holds the key. Jacques Salome


Inner peace is so fragile and extremely rare these days. Hard to reach, and in no time, it’s wasted.

Our hectic lives mean that we are unable to take time for ourselves. Please stop and think about what’s important for you today.

Despite all our goodwill, life naturally seems to prompt us to live according to someone else’s wishes. Our spouses, our bosses, our children …

So how do you do it? How do you get to respect yourself? To respect your own needs?

Sometimes we need a helping hand. An event that will ignite the powder. It will turn us on. Will make us jump up and say, “Enough is enough!”

Peace never comes by surprise. It does not fall from the sky like rain. It comes to those who prepare it. ~ Tecumseh (Native American Shawnee Chief)

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

So I invite you to take a few minutes of your precious time.

Maybe the ideal will be before sleeping tonight. Ask yourself these existential questions:

- Where am I in my life right now?

- Where am I going? Am I evolving, or have I just stood still for too long?

- Where do I want to go? Where do I see myself in five years? Ten years?

It is essential to be aware of ourselves. We live too much according to others!

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