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THE INTERVIEW - The crucial step of your professional future!

There is no secret for a good interview. The recipe is simple; be yourself in a little improved version!

For many people going for a job interview can be intimidating. We do not know what to expect. We will meet, 1,2,3, sometimes 4 people at the same time. Not really in our comfort zone!

There is a lot of pressure too. When we know that talking in public is the # 1 fear of people, going to an interview is not far off.

Most of us have already experienced this type of stress. At the very least, we had a job interview in our working life. Do you remember what state of mind you were in? A few days before? The same day? The level of stress tends to dramatically increase as you approach the time zero.

There is a lot of pressure to make a good impression. We want to get this coveted job. We even go as far as creating fictitious scenarios while trying to visualize what will happen in the interview. It can be a test for some.

Moreover, the fear of rejection is always present, whether we are aware of it or not.

As the human being can muddle, to scare himself, it is imperative to relax to the maximum before the meeting. For example, by going to the interview, listen to soft music, motivational podcasts, audiobook, etc. Change your "mood" to calm you down.

Here are some important things to keep in mind to put the odds on your side.

- Stay upright; show confidence in yourself.

Few employers would hire someone who does not have a column. Would you do it? It is especially important if it is a position of responsibility.

- Verbal flow & language.

Try to maintain a clear and equal flow of words for your interlocutors. It shows that you have some control over your nervousness. The choice of words is as important as the type of language you will use. Look after it. You are not friends in a sports bar. No blasphemies (coronations), no "F" word. In fact, at this level, do you see in conversation with a priest; how would you speak to him?

  • Do not speak against former employers

Here I must insist. NO RANCY TO THE FORMER EMPLOYERS. If you take this path, it's over for your chances at 99%. Your future employer will certainly not want an employee who, one day, could rant badly against him. Avoid doing the same to former colleagues. You do not know if there are any who are working now for this employer you meet!

  • Learn about the company

Take the time to do your homework. Get the most out of your future employer. Acquisitions, past difficulties, internal operations, diversification, etc. Any information is worth its weight in gold. During your interview, if the discussion takes a turn towards a particular subject concerning the company, it will be better for you to have a minimum of information on the topic than not at all. It will show your interest!

  • Dress code

It will depend on the position you are applying for. For all non-manager jobs, the "casual" type will be perfect. A polo sweater with clean pants, jeans or other, with a sport jacket or not will do. Full and suits, only during interviews for senior or managerial positions. Except, banking, accounting and government, where it will be seen to be more dressed than less.

  • Odours! Cleanliness

There, I know, it's a bit tricky. But I have, in the past, had some comments from clients about interviewees who did not smell good. For God's sake, a little perfume, please. If you go out of work and go for an interview, a slight fragrance will not hurt. Ideal for this, the samples that the stores give to the counters of cosmetics. Leave in the car when needed.

Other important points are your nails and your breath. Wash your hands and heal the underside of your nails, even if you are a mechanic. Nobody likes to give their hands to someone who has dirty hands. For your breath, a gum or mint candy, which you will take care to discard before entering your future employer. And not in front of the windows of the company. Be discreet. If you are a smoker, try not to smoke before entering the building. You will badly smell tobacco after smoking, and it is quite unpleasant for people who are non-smokers.

** If you ever have any impediment going to your RV or have accepted another position elsewhere, notify the employer, please. Be respectful of the time people are willing to give you. You never know if, in the future, you will have to cross these same people.

In conclusion

Be yourself, a slightly improved version or I would say in a little more correct version of You. If you take care of all these little details, that will make the difference between; it was a good interview but ... and WOW what a meeting! You will put all the chances on your side. It's not rocket science, stay calm, the best you can, take care of your appearance and body hygiene, look like someone confident in your voice and voice, and be proud of yourself. Demonstrate that you are worth the time to meet. Everything is in your hands. It's up to you to play!

Good luck!

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