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The Masks Of The Pandemic. How Many Do You Wear To Protect Your True Self?

Masks aren’t always the one you see. How many masks have fallen over the past year to reveal a whole different reality of others and ourselves?

For over a year now, we have been suffering from this Covid-19 pandemic. We are almost back to our normal life. In a few more weeks, we will be there.

This pandemic has forced us to wear personal protective masks, primarily to protect others from our possible contagious symptoms.

Wearing these masks also brought down the ones that some people wore, hiding their true identities and personalities from us.

It is said that it is in difficult times, in tragedies, that we discover what an individual is made of. This past year was no exception.

How many people around you, family, friends and coworkers have you seen change for better or worse?

How many disappointments or astonishment have we witnessed among our acquaintances?

Many people brought out their leadership, dedication and compassion to others. Let us think only of the hospital and care sector. By the way, hats off to these extraordinary Beings. You all have my highest gratitude.

For others, it was quite the opposite. Many surprised us with their lack of empathy, oversized egos, their need to take advantage of the situation to their advantage.

As some became better people, others showed us their true natures, their true faces. The ones that had been masked for a long time, well hidden from us or that we did not want to see.

Was it just out of habit? Were those faces well hidden from us, or did we just not want to accept to see under their masks what they truly are. But it was there.

This pandemic year has allowed us to unmask cheaters and discover heroes. These harsher times have revealed them to us, accentuating their true personalities.

So today I invite you to ask yourself some questions:

-What has this pandemic shown about me?

-Did I wear some masks? Are they still there?

-Have I progressed in the past year? Am I a better individual than I was before?

It’s always easy to see what other people are doing; what about us?

You see the straw in your neighbour’s eye, but not the beam in yours. “ We are always more sensitive to the faults of others, however small, than to our own faults, however glaring they may be. — Biblical proverb. This proverb appears in the Gospel according to Saint Luke.

So, as de-containment is finally underway, it will soon be time to take stock. It’s up to us to take stock of this challenging past year for ourselves.

Now is the time to look at ourselves in the mirror. Assess ourselves on what we were before this pandemic and what we have become now.

Do you like what you see

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