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The three most important things you must respect early in life to have a better ending

About the first one, we take it too much for granted when everything is good; as for the second one, we can quickly scrap the first one to obtain it!

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Health is and will always be a priority. Without good health, life will always be difficult for you and the people around you.

As the end of the year is coming, it could be an excellent time to give it some thought.

We tend to take it for granted when we have good genetics. As we age, how we treat our health in our youth takes all its importance.

Nowadays, our way of living is making us more and more sedentary. We tend to exercise less, eat and drink more, and be stuck in front of a screen for an average of 12 hours daily.

So, please don’t ask why we have bellies, back pain, eyesight deficiencies, lousy sleep, etc.

I talk about that today because it is precisely what I have been experiencing since the pandemic.

As my focus is on something different than it was in 2019, I found myself stuck with new habits, good and bad ones.

I exercise 3+ times a week at home. I did a lot of DIY in the last two years, which made me work physically but, on the other hand, I drink too much alcohol and tend to watch too much television at night.

How often have you had the feeling, mostly at night when you try to sleep, that you have wasted too much time today? And say to yourself that It has to change?

You know you must do something about it, but you still come back to the same thoughts each time.

Bad habits are hard to change because we must change our environment to create better ones that will replace them.

On the other hand, how great is our sleep when we do not take too much alcohol at night? When we read a book instead of looking at a screen before bed? When we journal about our day? When do we talk with our partner?

There are so many other things to do better for our health than staying stuck all the time watching a screen.

Plenty of research shows the nasty side effects of electronic devices on our health. Just think about it, and become conscious for your kid’s health and yours.

The other vital thing to do is to move more. We are way too stagnant.

We stay in a chair all day to come home and then on the couch for the rest of the evening. We spend most of our time sitting or lying; not surprised to become a bit more lazy every day!

To maintain good health, we need to move. Our body is not built to be static. That is why we become stiff after a few hours of sitting in a plane or a car.

Many also don’t like to exercise, and it is OK. I may have a small suggestion for you.

I found myself loving doing some yoga as soon as I get up in the morning — one glass of water and then 15 minutes of yoga or stretching.

Believe me; you will definitely feel the difference after a few days. It is perfect for your body.

No need for more than that. Just take the habit of moving a bit more every day, and you will feel the benefits of it.

So here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do I move enough?

Do I often feel pain?

Do I overeat?

Do I drink too much alcohol?

Do I drink too much coffee, tea, or any other kind of caffeine beverage?

Should I drink more water?

We can add a lot more things to the list, but it is a good start for having some thoughts about your health!

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” — Anne Wilson Schaef.


After health, money is the aspect of life that we have to learn how to deal appropriately with as soon as we can write.

There are no added values of getting sick about money. We all know that it can easily make some people obsessed with always wanting more, but it makes people sick most of the time because of the stress it causes.

All of that is related to our lack of “know-how” to deal with money!

As a parent, we must teach our kids how to manage money efficiently.

Sadly, it is not always the case. Sometimes because of our lack of knowledge, but even if we do have it, social pressure is so powerful that it is hard to resist all the temptations.

Too many people spend money they earn to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like. — Will Rogers

Some of us never had the chance to be educated about money. We had to learn by ourselves but, you know what? It is never too late!

The biggest issue with money is to be disciplined.

A great piece of advice I learned in the last few years was to think about your spending habits in a matter of how much time it takes to earn the money you need to buy the stuff you want.

Another one I have used for many, many years is always to follow my gut feeling.

If I want to buy something, and I have even a shadow of a doubt, I pass. It is not a good sign.

Ever had that feeling? What happened after when you bought it anyway? You were probably disappointed; I know; I experienced it!

It is a great thing to think about how you are dealing/struggling with money from time to time.

Search for the “Whys” and figure out what you must change to become more disciplined with money and have less stress in your life.

Photo by Ricardo Díaz on Unsplash


Of the three, that is by far the most important one. If wasted, it never comes back again.

Soon as you are born, your clock starts ticking irreversibly. You cannot stop it. Every minute passed is lost forever.

If you can manage your time efficiently, you will always have enough to do everything you want and need.

But again, most of the time, it is a question of disciplined management!

This ending year, take the time to review your behaviour towards your health and money; it will be time well spent.

If you are in a relationship, do it with your partner. It impacts the whole household, so it is a must!

When done, you can help each other in the process of having a more disciplined way of living.

You can always find time for the important things, so this year, make your health and money first on your list!

“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” — Denis Waitley
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