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The Warrior's Reward!

The tranquillity of a Sunday afternoon

Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

There are those weeks that are too busy. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Work, home maintenance, projects, kids, activities and the list just keeps growing.

The last few days have been quite busy, from work that requires a constant presence to creating a new garden.

I want to tip my hat to all the workers in the Landscaping industry; it is a really highly demanding job.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a DIY enthusiast. So, I always try to do the maximum by myself. I have been doing landscaping and gardening for three years for personal needs, and I can guarantee you that it takes “guts” to embark on such projects, especially if you have a woman with grand ideas.

This week was the 2nd house for which I moved more than 5 tons of stone and earth, by hand, with a 4x4 wheelbarrow—one of the best purchases ever made.

The timing was excellent; no internet last Friday, so there were no office work opportunities as usual. Same-day delivery of goods. Great timing. So I was able to do everything on the same day.

Today it is Sunday, and I am totally drained. A few calls this morning but nothing too significant. I’m sitting outside in our garden, designed over the last few days, relaxing and watching the birds scurry towards the water fountain in the center of it; a delight!

After each accomplishment, it is said that it is essential to reward yourself. Today, this tranquillity in the landscape is my reward.

My dog ​​is near me—half asleep under the sun’s warm rays. I still don’t understand why he stays there with such fur (German Shepherd), but hey, it’s his choice.

He looks at me softly with his eyes half-closed as if to wonder what I’m doing, sitting there motionless, almost never stopping for once.

I listen and savour the present moment with a nice cold pint—what sweet joy after all this commotion of the last few days.

I hope your Sunday is as peaceful as mine.

I wish you a great week, full of work and happiness!

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