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To reach success, you may have to become the black sheep of the flock.

Who deserves to reach success? Why do so few reach their true goals in life?

Photo by Malcolm Lightbody on Unsplash

First, I think we have to talk about what made us who we are today; what has influenced our behaviours as human beings from the start?

It starts with our parents, who have the power to make or destroy us from our first years on this planet.

Humans are similar to animals, primarily sheep; sorry for that sad truth, but still, it is true. Do you think that your parents are different from others? Nope, absolutely not.

But why? Because it has always been like that since the beginning of the human race on this planet. And most of us came from parents who were followers, not leaders.

As human beings, parents are scared for their kids. They want you to have the best possible future; they see for you. « THE BEST POSSIBLE FUTURE THEY SEE FOR YOU,» not your future, their future for you! There is a huge difference here!

That is why we often see a father pushing his boy too hard to become the next best athlete he dreamt of being when he was young.

Mothers usually play it with the heart stuff. They can make you feel bad by doing whatever you want instead of what she wants you to do. Never forget that the fundamental role of the mother is to keep the family together. Thigh as much as possible, as long as possible.

Parents do not act like that deliberately; for the vast majority, it is instinctive. It came from generation to generation.

The hardest part here is to change our mindset to be different from the flock, to become the black sheep.

Secondly, our education system taught us to follow the flock, live a perfect quiet life without too much ambition, and have the chance to climb some of the ladder’s steps in a factory and maybe become a supervisor one day.

That was mainly the truth until 2000 and the rise of the internet. We will get to that later.

Thirdly, the entourage and, the worst part of it these days, are social media.

Social media are built to reach people who are the best sheep in the flock. The ones who can easily be influenced.

There are so many examples of the power of social media.

Just think about how people like Donald Trump used them to « guide » the flock! Before social media, there were no such things as fake news. At least, not like today.

Friends can also become an obstacle in our pursuit of success. As we grow older, our tastes and goals change. So, sometimes, it could result in a conflicting relationship that you will have no other choice but to end.

Since 2000, our way of living has irrevocably shifted. We had never been so informed and educated. Many people will have school from home via the internet in a few years. It has reached a point where you can have a much better and more accessible online education.

So tell me, why do so few people reach the success they want?

Of course, we can blame our parents, the education system, friends, or social media, but the only answer is US!

We are our worst enemy.

How many of us will go the extra mile to finish the race? Bof, it doesn’t matter; we only have one life to live. Have you ever heard that one?

It has become so easy to procrastinate as we are distracted by tons of possibilities and junk.

There is also a new generation of people who think they can make a six figures business online and travel the world as if it is easy to say it.

Wake up, my friends, or you might hit a wall one day, and it will hurt badly. Reality is something that, inevitably, will reach you one day or another.

There is no such thing as easy money and easy life if you are not willing to respect the hard work needed to reach success.

In my line of work, I sometimes see younger peoples who think that life is about making just enough money to pay their bills and have a good time in the evenings and weekends.

It is ok to have fun when we are young. Unfortunately, if you are playing it like the cicada in the fable of Jean de Lafontaine, « The cicada and the ant,» you might end up dancing all the rest of your life without having too much fun.

I do not know what happened since the covid pandemic, but I saw that people are becoming lazier. Work seems not to be important anymore.

The way we work is changing, I agree, but it seems that the lack of activities we couldn’t do in the last two years made some people completely change their behaviour.

Of course, there is also the fact that peoples are no longer afraid of lacking money. They are confident that our governments will provide for them if something happens again. Easy money! They do not think or want to consider the cost of that help.

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

So what do we have to do to have a successful life? The first thing is to have a dream and act on it. It has to be powerful enough to make you change your old behaviours, re-educate yourself, to modify your inner coding.

You must be willing to leave some people aside. Old friends and also family members can hold you in your past. Take good care of this, and be aware. To reach success, sometimes you have to go on a lonely road!

Follow your gut feelings and forget what is “in” today. Not everything is good for you. Stop following the flock!

Never stop learning. Learn from your past experiences: your good and bad choices and decisions. Seek for the “why” and learn the lessons not to repeat the same mistakes.

You can do almost everything by yourself. DIY is a must. Be curious enough to be willing to add more skills to your toolbox.

Always verify, and go to the source about anything that comes to you. Do not trust others’ sayings.

Keep quiet, shut up. Never talk about your next move to anyone except the people involved in your project. Believe in the energy flows. Tend not to give others the chance to create bad energy around you.

Those lines are what I’ve learned from the past 30 years, but I put them in action only from the last 15. I did not waste all those years; I wasn’t ready to see and accept the truth about what I had to do to reach success.

If reading those lines helps you open your eyes and start believing that your dream life can be reachable, my job is done for today!

I wish you all the success you deserve!

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