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What Are You Willing To Sacrifice To Have A Better Life?

The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Everything that has a real impact on our lives asked for sacrifices. But what means “sacrifice” exactly? Why this word has such a negative connotation?

It starts in our brain, with our own definition of the word itself. For many of us, it comes from our catholic education based on the fact that Christ has “sacrifice” himself to save us. As for result that we must always make sacrifices for everything.

Since our youngest age, we learned that we have to make sacrifices to have something in life. So, in time, it became easy to associate “sacrifice” with displeasure. Our education was to sacrifice something we like to have something else we will enjoy more! Why can’t we have them all?

It is just a mindset we must change or reset.

The difficulty here is that we must, 80% of the time, sacrifice habits that bring us nothing more than instant satisfaction and pleasures (addictions) for the ones which really improve our lives.

It is good to watch series on Netflix but not five hours a day. It is good to go to the gym, but not five hours a day unless you are a professional athlete.

We have a natural tendency to stick to our entertainment habits because they bring us instant pleasure. The danger is that we become addicted to those habits, and they will take more and more time in our lives. Resulting in us being stuck in place as long as we do not change them.

We have to reach a balance within our habits. Prioritize.

So today, ask yourself: Which habits can I “sacrifice” (change) to improve my life? To become more aligned with my life goals?

Not so easy to do when you think about it. For some of these habits, it will implicate other people around you and, they may not be willing to change theirs too. It takes discipline and motivation to make a real change.

I wrote those lines today as a personal process and to share with you, to keep in mind that with the summer coming soon and the drop of the restrictions about the COVID pandemic, it will be easy to lose our focus and start procrastinating.

There is always something to keep us in our comfort zone.

Admit that it is much more pleasant to go by the pool, with a beer, on a sunny day than to stay inside to work. That is what I call a real «sacrifice.»

Admit that it is much more pleasant to go by the pool, with a beer, on a sunny day than to stay inside to work. That is what I call a real «sacrifice.»

Making sacrifices is all to do with discipline. You have to do what nobody is willing to do today, so in the future, you will be able to do what they never will.

Simple, you stay by the pool and enjoy now or work and go to the sea later. You stuck in the pool forever, or you shoot for the ocean — Your choice!

Have a great day!

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