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Why being uncomfortable is a necessity to do something with our lives

When you are too comfortable, it is time to move forward. Unfortunately, many will stick at this point forever…

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Comfort is a sign it’s time to adapt and grow.

I am a big fan of Grant Cardone's style of interventions. The way he goes right to the point without any filters is precisely how it should always be to be adequately understood.

Shocking sometimes, absolutely, but we need to be shaken from time to time to wake up.

If you want the message to pass through, you must be direct and at the limit of being insulting.

Sadly, being too kind and soft with others is more damaging for us than being someone rough on the edges.

Also, the fact that we live in a world of compromises, and everything we have to say publicly has to be muzzled and modified to be politically correct, is effectively not helping in being correctly understood.

How many speakers have to rewrite their texts to ensure they will please the majority, not offend anyone, and, of course, avoid lawsuits?

Speaking publicly or writing for the masses is coming to a real challenge.

That is why our society has been going nowhere in the past decade; we have to please everybody, and because of that, nobody puts on his panties anymore.

We have become sheep, and we are offended when someone shows some balls and is unwilling to be or stay with the herd!

There is nothing worse than being too cozy. Your brain can become lazy, and nothing is more damaging than that.

How is it possible that so many people don’t understand how much we are controlled and pushed to become more and more cozy?

It doesn’t matter who is pushing us; the fact is that we fall into their schemes without even knowing it.

We have surrounded our lives with pieces of stuff that are doing our chores for us. Our beds and couches are more and more comfortable. Living in riches countries has never been that easy.

Understand me, I am not complaining about our comfort and easiness in life, I like that too, but we have to stay awake and aware of what is happening now.

We live in a time when money has become our universe's center.

We are so cozy that we let all our life opportunities pass under our noses without trying to catch them. Or worse, without even seeing them!

WAKE UP, PEOPLE! What are you waiting for? What will you do when you’re retired and dependent on the government pension or your children?

Sorry, but there will only be yourself to blame for that, and you are not allowed to complain about your miserable life because you will be responsible for it!

It is exactly like people who do not vote but constantly complain about government politics…

Of course, it is hard to change the habit of sitting on the couch all night watching Netflix.

But you have no right to bitch about your lack of money if you waste 4 hours per day in front of the TV without learning anything to help you get out of that money problem.

Kick your butt and do something about it!

With all the possibilities we have today, there are no reasons to continue to live a shitty life full of stress and anxiety.

You can do better. We can do better!

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die!

You can’t have the butter and butter’s money!

So tell me, what will you do to get out of your comfort zone and take responsibility for your today’s and future life?

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