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Your handshake is the signature of your personality!

According to the Talent Spot Blog, a typical handshake lasts only a few seconds and is quickly forgotten. As a job seeker, your handshake is probably the most overlooked tool in your networking arsenal.

Sweaty hands? Avoid clenching your fist, relax your hands palm down on the top of your thighs or keep your hands relaxed and open in your pockets.

Hand badly placed? You wouldn't go for an interview without looking at yourself in the mirror, would you? Practice your handshake right before an interview. Ask a roommate, partner, parent, or anyone who will give you an honest opinion and provide you with practice and feedback on your handshake. There are also videos on the web that give you great advice on this.

Is that right? The handshake is not a slap or a high-five, and it is not a broken arm movement like pumping water from a well. The Perfect Handshake is a smooth, quick and secure lift of your hand, which is firmly placed in the palm of your connection's hand. You need to look that person in the eye, hold on tight, but not too tight, grab hold of and smile.

Smother your nerves and give a real smile with your eyes. When you smile, you make the other person feel good, they smile, and you both can relax. This is your chance to connect with the other person. In the next few seconds, you'll say something, ask a question, give a compliment or comment on something you have in common, then release your hand, but maintain that connection with the other person in the conversation that follows.

In my opinion, the handshake is critical, and it should not be neglected. Indeed, just like me, living in a cosmopolitan city, including various nationalities, we do not give a hand in the same way everywhere in the world. You have to try to be open-minded at this level. In some cultures, contact is not very popular, so that the handshake will be brief and quick without too much ease. It is often seen mainly in Asian cultures.

There are no right or wrong ways to give a hand, but keep in mind that your handshake is something of your personality.

For my part, a good firm flu is my signature. Mostly with a man. With a woman, you have to go according to her. Is there one thing more unpleasant than a fingertip handshake and I notice that these people often don't even look at you when they give you their hand. That tells me a lot about the personality of my interlocutor and his interest in me. But again, it can also be cultural.

Simple, your handshake should reflect your personality, what you want to leave as an impression. Soft hand, indecisive, introverted and lacking in confidence. Firm hand; confident, strong and sure of yourself. It feels like you know what you want.

Once again, it is all a matter of perceiving the message you want to convey. Keep this in mind the next time you meet!

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