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Welcome, like a dog!

Have you ever had a dog, or do you have one? If so, you know how much they love us. When you leave, they are sad and when you come back, whether, after 10 minutes or one month, they are always happy to see you again. They jump all over the place, lick you and want cuddles. So why not act like them? Why aren’t we showing off to our loved ones when we come home from work? Are we not happy to see them again? Do we take them too much for granted? Bof! They’re there, that’s all! I believe that there is a lot of habits that have developed over time. How many people take the time to stop what they are doing to greet their partner when he arrives home? We no longer take the time to make the slightest effort to live a harmonious life. We always have an excuse; I do the dishes, cook dinner, the kids, etc.

Speaking of children, wouldn’t it be a good habit to show them. Teach them to pay a minimum of attention to each other. Not just mom or dad coming back from work, but even between brother and sister. OK, not an obligation to force them to hug each other by necessarily seeing each other, but merely a positive reception. If they are taught this behaviour from an early age, it will stay forever afterwards. We need that kind of welcome. It feels good, and it makes you happy. No matter what type of day we have had at work when we come back, and our dog comes towards us, our joy rises. Our thoughts are no longer at work or what we have to do but with it. If only for a few minutes. It’s enough to change our “mood.” So I invite you to give it a try. Be persistent. If this is not a habit already established, maybe the other person you welcome will be a little on guard about this change in behaviour, but I assure you you will see a difference in no time.

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